JoinData aims to provide farmer customers with a complete overview of all authorizations it has issued with regard to its data. It only concerns the Netherlands.

JoinData offers 2 functionalities: 

1 Authorization register 

2 Distribution channel for data.

AgroVision only uses the distribution channel to read the various data streams into our products and only for suppliers who choose to distribute their data via JoinData. Invoices/Delivery notes for bagged and plant products/EDI Dairy are a few examples of data flows. AgroVision can only import this data if an authorization has been set in the authorization register of JoinData. JoinData invoices the customer for this subscription.

JoinData charges AgroVision the costs for support and maintenance of the data exchanges and a fee for data distribution. We pass on the costs charged by JoinData to AgroVision to our customers.

Please check for more information.